Her mind always has a mind of its own. Who is she? She's a daughter, best friend, wife, sister, or mother. She is me. She is you. I am her.

I’m Jess. Lover of coffee and mommy to a sweet, wild, and curious little man who rocks my world…and makes me need coffee. Sarcasm is amazing and I’m a fan of it! I’m obsessed with photography and the way my art takes on a life of its own. Stories ignite a spark inside of me–hearing them, reading them, and re-telling them through my lens. Capturing moments and the essence of my client(s) makes my heart so happy…I love that I can talk about every client and remember a story they told me, then think about and repeat that story when other people are captivated by their images. Relationships matter to me. Talking is one of my favorite things to do, other than visiting Target. Kisses from my little boy are the highlight of every day. My family is my world–their support and love is the entire reason I was able to follow my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. My hubby-to-be has been the other half of my business and the guy who is always in my corner. He pushes me to do things I didn’t think I could and believed in me enough to make me believe in myself. How about you?! What’s your story?