Session FAQs

Do you only do weddings? What other kinds of shoots do you do?

No! While we totally love weddings, that’s not all we do! We do senior sessions, family sessions, engagements, events, in-home newborn sessions, and we shoot freelance for a couple of publications as well! We love what we do and love the chance to capture someone or something new!

Can you help us plan our wardrobe?

Yes, for sure! Just like you, we want you to look great in your photos. Often our clients will send us photos of what they are thinking of wearing. Depending on where we’re shooting your session we can recommend ideas for wardrobe and also share Pinterest boards for wardrobe inspiration!

What will our session be like? Do you pose us?

We absolutely hate the uncomfortable silence that can come along with photo shoots. We know, you’re not always 100% comfortable with a camera pointed in your face–so your session will be full of talking. From us or you! As far as posing–we like to get you into a pose or position, but that’s just a starting point. We love capturing the raw moments between people. So while we might sit you down and pop your legs out to the side, we’re going to try to get you guys engaging with each other. Traditional, “cheese”, imagery isn’t really our thing. Be real! Because it’s beautiful!

How long will my session last?

Well that depends on how much we talk! Ha! So, on average, photo sessions usually last around 1-1.5 hours. This depends on the setting, number of outfits, and what we’re doing overall–but that’s a pretty safe bet as far as the timeframe of a shoot.

Do I have to print through you? Do you offer digital images?

With every session and wedding, you will receive a gallery online where you are able to download your digital images. That said, obviously you don’t HAVE to print through us. However, you do have that option available to you in the same gallery. You are easily able to order high end, professional grade prints through your gallery–but again, we don’t make you.

Do you delivery every image that you shoot?

No, and you wouldn’t want them. We are capturing a lot of raw and beautiful moments. But some of those moments might include you mid blink or about to yawn, flaring your nostrils, and making faces. Your images are narrowed down according to our own standards which take a lot of things into consideration–body position, light, expression, and consistency. That said, every once in a while we do throw an odd ball in there just to give you a laugh!